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“Harvest Goodies” , owned by Brad & Heather Fraser is located in the Town of Halton Hills, just north of Milton. We have developed a reputation of manufacturing fine quality Salad Dressings, Jams, Jellies, Salsas and Sauces.

Our products are made from good things that grow in Ontario and carry the Foodland Ontario logo. Yes, we do have to use some ingredients (okay, sugar, for instance) from other places, but we think Ontario offers the best flavoured fruits and vegetables in the world. When you bite into sun-ripened Ontario fruit, you remember what fruit really tastes like. The crisp, robust flavour of field fresh Ontario vegetables makes using locally grown vegetables an easy first choice. Our goal is to ensure the best tasting, highest quality products that have taken the shortest trip on the way to your table.

No artificial ingredients are used in our cooking, so every bite is genuine, real food. Each recipe is made in small batches, hand stirred and hand packed, capturing the simple, natural and pure essence of the raw ingredients that go into them.

We hope that our Harvest Goodies will tickle your taste buds!



Our jams and jellies will remind you of ripe fruit, sweet and juicy, at the peak of harvest. Try any one of them on Tea Biscuits made from our own mix; you can’t go wrong! Red Pepper Jelly is our most requested product – full of flavour, sweet and slightly hot. It’s so versatile you’ll be eating it with everything – eggs, cheese, roasts, burgers, hotdogs, sausages, or just plain on crackers.

Chutney and Cranberry Garlic Jelly are the perfect match for meats. Cranberry for poultry, Apple/Pear for pork and Peach Ginger for game, but don’t limit yourself, mix them around. Which of our Salad Dressings is the best? You’ll have to decide that on your own. If you’re like everyone else, you’ll like them all.



Heather Fraser Heather Fraser – Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Brad Fraser – Marketing Manager
Brad Fraser



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